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What's Happening

Posted by Dani Forbess on with 0 Comments

At Northminster, we send out an email once a week called, What's Happening. It helps our community stay in the loop about the events in the building and beyond. It's an important way to keep connected - like a weekly planner for the community. 

We strive to be a local church thinking about faith in a 21st century way. This means we still value being a local church. We have things like Wednesday Community Night Dinners, where we take turns cooking and bringing home made desserts. We value traditional worship and we still use a standard liturgical structure in our service. Our worship service is highly participatory, and we are always on the look out for ways that you can participate. On your first Sunday with us, you might be asked to be a reader or if you want to bring treats next week. When you are with us, you are family.You might be less anonymous than you had hoped. 

We also strive to be connected with local issues. We engage in rigorous dialogue with our culture and our faith. This means that you might hear a report from a Neuroscientist about how we perceive faith. It means you might hear from a Philosopher about ways that we connect faith and reason. It means that you will find people who are on boards and who call their city council representative, because we care about how the issues impact our local community. We host homeless people three nights a week, while they look for long term housing. We train people of all faiths in the work of Companionship, so that we are equipped to come along side people just as they are. We care about our faith, but we don't ever imagine that it lives in a vacuum, it lives in the real world. 

October and November will take us to our Stewardship Season. We'll take a hard look at our budget, and you can expect we'll mention in a few times. In November, our pastor is hosting a Discussion Group on the Black Lives Matter Curriculum, developed out of New York University. 

At Northminster, we engage faith with life. We believe that church is part of what we do, but that it is for the sake of something bigger. So, come and find out What's Happening! 



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