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Northminster Presbyterian Church | Seattle

New to Northminster?

Welcome to Local

Welcome to Northminster.  We hope you find a home here.  We are a local worshipping community that is responding to God's mission in Ballard. 

Welcome to Community

We are an intergenerational community of the beloved family of God.  We are ordinary folks from different walks of life: gay and straight, single and partnered, young and well-experienced.  

Our balcony is designed to be welcoming to young families. Children are welcome to stay throughout the service, or join the Sunday School after Children's Corner. 

When we worship, we practice in ways that reflect the wisdom of generations.  We sing the Psalms from the Geneva Psalter, and sometimes we don't. We pass the peace.  We honor liturgy.  We pray and we listen.  And then we sing some more. 

Welcome to Northminster

10:30am Sunday Morning

We are located in Seattle, WA in the Northwest neighborhood of Ballard.  

You can find us at:

7706 25th Ave NW

Seattle, WA 98117 

Find us here.