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Northminster Presbyterian Church | Seattle


Find the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet. - Frederich Buechner

At Northminster, we have more than a comprehensive list of ministries.  We have a combination of reliable and sustainable ministries, and we have others that are still emerging. We believe that there are many more that are yet to be.  

The heart of the ministry of our church is in the lives of our people.  You can find them spread out across the Puget Sound and beyond through out the week.  This is really where our ministry is happening.  We strive to support our people as they live out their mission throughout the week.   

There are various entry points that are provided as a way of joining the our work and our ministry.  Your best bet is to check out our current events or to read through our newsletter to see what's happening this week.  You'll get a taste of what is going on and where to jump in. 

There is more to come.