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Northminster Presbyterian Church | Seattle

What to Expect

At Northminster, we think of ourselves as a village church in the city.  When you come to join us in worship, here is what you can expect: 

A Warm Greeting

Making each person feel welcome is a long tradition at Northminster.  Our narthex is bustling right at 10:30am, when the service starts.  We welcome each person who opens our doors with a smile and a greeting.  Our ushers will offer a bulletin to each member of the congregation.  This is an indispensable tool for participating in the worship service.  We have bulletins in large print, if needed.  We also have a children's table for our young worshippers to gather the supplies that they need for participation.  

A Commitment to Preaching Scripture

Our pastor is deeply committed to Scripture.  We believe that through the ancient text, we meet the contemporary face of Jesus and his passion for the world. The text is creatively explored in an effort to connect where the word of the text meets the dirt under our fingertips.  

A Liturgy

We practice a form of worship that has been handed down through generations.  We believe that the practice of worship changes the way that we engage in the world, so we strive to create an enlivening and rich worship service.  Our congregation is active and our service is responsive.  From prayers, to Scripture Readings and singing, you can expect lively participation from all of our members.  

A Deep Love for Music

At Northminster, the musical expression is rich and varied.  One Sunday might have us singing songs from the late 20th century, the next Sunday will firmly anchor us in the early music of the 16th century.  We believe that our musical heritage is expansive and we create ways for the congregation to experience this wide musical landscape.  

Faces of Many Generations

Our church building is one of the oldest in Seattle.  We have members who know the historical narrative of the church like the back of their hand.  They've seen it grow and change.  We also serve an area of Seattle that is brimming with families and children.  We are grateful to provide a space for these many generations to come together for a common purpose.  We believe that with exposure to various generations comes kindness and compassion.  

A Commitment to Faith Formation 

We offer Sunday School classes for children of all ages.  Children are invited to their classrooms mid way through the worship service.  Our young children have a fantastic team of story tellers and teachers.  Children 8 and up head out into a multi-age room that is engaging and creative.  

There is always a friendly parent helping to direct our children to their appropriate place. Please feel welcome to ask any questions.  

A Local Church

At Northminster, we are deeply rooted in our neighborhood. We love that the faces we see on Sunday are often the same ones that we see at our local Safeway or Fred Meyer. We love that the children in our sanctuary on Sunday are often across the street or up the road on Monday at their local Seattle Public School.  

You can expect that some members walk, while others ride bikes.  You can expect that cars will be unloading at the front while long time members arrive.  You can expect to see Seahawks attire on Sundays.  We come as we are, some with bow ties, and some with sweat pants and soccer outfits.  

You can expect to be noticed.  We are a small congregation and we love all who come to worship.  We'll be interested in what brought you here, and we hope that you will grow to call Northminster your home.